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Awakening happens when the realities of Heaven invade the circumstances of Earth through a people who know who they are and what they carry as a result of their faith in Christ.  In John 14:12 Jesus tells His disciples that those who believe in Him would not only do the works that He did on this earth, but would actually accomplish greater works as a result of the Holy Spirit being poured out on all believers.  Simple faith and trust in Jesus allows us to walk in all that God has prepared for us, but we often need  guidance in how to walk out a naturally supernatural life.  This is what we will be pursuing for the entirety of 2016 at Wednesday Night Life.  We believe that Wednesday Night Life will allow us to see an Awakening beginning in the city of Woodstock that will spread to the nations.  

Each month, we will be discussing one of twelve Revival Cultures that we believe are the keys to the success of releasing an Awakening in our city.  These revival cultures form a framework whereby we can grow and mature in our faith and allow God to take us deeper into relationship with Him and others.  It also provides a like-minded group of people who are committed to growing in their understanding of the mission and vision that God has called all of His children to in scripture.  A group where honesty and authenticity are valued and successes are celebrated.  A place of safety where each person is honored and encouraged in their walk with Christ.  Wednesday Night Life exists to provide the building blocks in our relationship with Christ that will lead us into encountering Him in an honest way, and growing to become all that He created us to be.  

Each week there will be a sermon series on Sunday mornings that will coincide with that month’s Revival Culture.  Wednesday Night Life allows a place for honest discussion and further exploration of the truths of scripture that are being presented at Awakening.  There is also a time for Spirit filled worship and a powerful time of ministry.  We believe that God wants you to experience Him through both Scripture and through encountering His presence.  Wednesday Night Life will provide you with a safe place to discover who you are in Christ and what you carry as a result of your relationship with Him. 

It is our deepest desire to see all believers empowered to discover their destiny and released to walk it out in a natural way.  If you are searching for more in your walk with Christ, Wednesday Night Life can assist you on your road to discovering all that God has for you.  Below is a list of each month’s revival culture.  We would love to have you come and grow with us.

2016 Revival Cultures

January – Family 

Bringing Heaven’s relational government (family) to earth.

February – Goodness of God

Taste and see that the Lord is good. 

March – Joy and Hope 

Learn to live lives filled with Joy and Hope 

April – Honor

Releasing life by recognizing the glory that is in each other. 

May – Risk and Faith

Develop a fearless Christianity

June – Prophetic

Life expressed from Heavens perspective. 

July – Grace and Empowerment 

To experience a grace filled life that empowers others to thrive. 

August – Valuing His presence. 

Learning to host the presence of God. 

September – Releasing the Supernatural

Living from an unseen reality.

October – Salvation and Righteousness

Souls and more souls. 

November – Generosity

Receiving and releasing God’s abundance. 

December – Revelation and the Word

Develop a passion for the word and its’ revealed truth. 

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